Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Professions, Khan, Insane title

I have thought about professions quite a bit recently. The word on the street is that professions will have no benefit to damge/healing or any other bonus buffs in Warlords. I do feel this is an amazing change, simply because you shouldn't have to Min/Max your professions. On the same token, some players have already maxed every profession on certain characters and are reluctant to have duplicates of Blacksmithing and Engineering. The only real professions that you can duplicate with success are ones that have a daily CD - Tailoring, Alchemy, and Engineering. I personally have narrowed down my duplicate's to only taking Alchemy more than two times for the fact that Living steel is needed so often these days. I plan to keep them into Warlords because Prices of living steel could still be very high due to the rare items while using a few of the cooldowns on whatever new shiny thing there is. While this might not be the best idea, I am pretty certain that it will work...

With all the recent chatter about professions I have decided to just simply take Herbing and Mining on my Monk and here is my reasoning.

I enjoy getting out into the world. - Exploring or just running around in between things.
I enjoy World PvP.
I find myself hitting dailies/rep areas often.
I can utilize the stuff I gather with ease and not waste it by just selling on the AH for cheap.
I currently have every profession in the game already maxed so having the slots open isn't a big deal.

Khan Title -

As you may already know, either from here or via the stream. I have been slowly obtaining the Khan Achievement - In reality, this achievement takes a bit of luck, some skill, a dash of teamwork and a whole metric ton of patience.

In an ideal world, you should be able to obtain each of the related Battleground Achievements before getting your 100 wins but at the moment, it could take a bit longer. Since it's really my carrot on the stick for the end of the expansion I don't mind. I know in the back of my mind someday it will happen, although I do certainly try for most of the achievements and wins.

The sticking points I have had so far are Mine Cart Courier and Cloud Nine:

I have gotten very close to both with 4/5 Carts and 8 Flags once. This is playing them without a party and no one else helping my cause. While it does feel somewhat selfish to say, "hey, everyone... wanna help me get an achievement?!"  Most people don't care and will either help you out or just play the battleground as normal completely ignoring your requests. I think a group will make these both very easy simply for this fact.

Insane Title -

I will be starting the Insane grind very shortly, I want to max out my professions before hand just so I have a somewhat clean slate to work on. I also need to finish gearing out my other monk so I don't have to worry about it. Then its really on!


Monday, March 31, 2014

Justice Point Farming vs. Honor 5.4 - Scrubbamunk's Tanking Compendium for baddies.

I recently had a two of my long time friends return to the game, immediately they wanted to get back into Arena and PvP. My second monk was sitting at 84ish so I finished leveling him this past weekend. Before I get to far ahead of myself...Leveling is fun, I do enjoy it. While it can be a drag at slower points, the first few toons you bring up to cap are pretty enjoyable. After four or five it starts getting progressively less fun, yes, much less...I currently have nine 90's and not only am I confident in my class decision but I just can't bring myself to level anymore. My lowbie alts will have to wait, most likely until the end of WoD....and I don't feel bad.

Once you hit 90, you need to gear up!

Horde are seemingly hopeless in most Battlegounds without a decently geared random to take point. If there is no direction, we farm mid and fight on roads.

Don't threaten me with a good time!

Since Battlegound queue times are forever and a day, then you might lose after so much time...I needed to look into another option.

The fastest way I have found to gear up is farming Justice Points. While the conversion was nerfed and you only get 250 Honor per 500 Justice. You will still make out ahead overall. There are, however some small hurdles to jump over before you just get head first into heroic spam.

You need either a tank or healing spec for this to work efficiently. Really, you should know how to play that spec too...

The rest will be about tanking...On a character that has Zero Gear, just dinged 90 and takes alot of damage.

If you are playing the healer, good. Have fun, hopefully you will get fast queues and decent players. Best of Luck.

So, back to the tanking portion.

*Disclaimer* - I am not a PvE Hero, Dragon Slayer or Experienced in endgame raid content whatsoever... I am only a mere mortal trying to get PvP gear. Proceed at your own risk!

You want fast efficient runs. That is the Goal. You don't want wipes. You also need to minimize damage on your dps friends as much as possible.

Step 1 - Inspect the Healer - if they have full greens or just dinged 90 or say "lol, just started this class never healed...first dungeon, yolo!" you should take your pulls with a lot of caution.

Step 2 - Use your Cooldowns when you pull big packs of mobs! I have seen so many tanks that just run in there and pull everything and expect the healer to be able to heal them through it without them using cds...you need to blow defensive cds.

Step 3 -  Use Stuns and Offensive CD's Everytime they are up. Use correct judgement but if you have a short stun, pull the room stun the mobs and aoe for profit.

Step 4 - Keep High uptime but don't go overboard with the pulls. The last thing you want to do is die because running back takes way to much time.

Tips for Monks -

**Read Above Disclaimer**

We don't have a set rotation. Guard is not a shield block. Keep the Statue down at all times. Blackout Kick is your friend, Shuffle should be up 100%! Take Rushing Jade wind and Leg Sweep for EZ aoe pulls. Get a statue taunt macro...Chi Wave and Expel Harm ON CD! Pool your chi more often than not because you need it for BOK and Purifying Brew. Remember you have Healing Spheres, Use them!

That is pretty much it, short and sweet. As long as you don't quit from boredom, on that 17th time through Siege of Niuzao...You should be geared in no time.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Starting the Khan Grind, Guild Leveling and Professions.

I have wanted to start doing the Khan achievements since the title was announced, but either forgot about working towards it or just piling other stuff on my plate. I recently remembered that I wanted to get it so I am going to be working towards it. I feel that most of the requirements are just time oriented, 100 wins for each and all the offensive caps and defensive caps really just come down to playing the BG's. There are two in Silvershard that I feel are going to be sticking points however; Mine Cart Courier and Five for Five - just seem very tough. I will be sure to go over how I got those!

I started a guild last week. We are almost level 3 with 40 members. It's a casual/social guild and I don't really expect much more out of the members. Some day I hope to run some RBG's as a guild, but that will take some time to set up. Casual and Free stuff is the name of the game for now, and that is fine by me.

Since making the guild, I have been questing through Pandaria - I have always wanted to do all the Pandaria quests at max level just to see how much gold one could expect to make so now that I have a reason to it just seemed like a good option to fill my time between other activities. This has slightly slowed my profession leveling so I am thinking about taking a different approach and just spending the gold powerleveling them. At the end of the day, its just gold and I can make it fairly quickly with a little bit of work, I would rather have as much passive income as possible but if I chunk 30k into professions I might have to get a bit more into pushing my current profession roster to accommodate my deficit.

I have been streaming quite a bit thus having to split time into writing posts and streaming. Be sure to follow me on Twitch. I don't have a set schedule or anything but still stream fairly often.


Monday, March 17, 2014

Achievements - Time to start leveling professions!

I enjoy completing achievements, although the points themselves are mainly pointless. I like to get out and about in the world much more than sitting in the Shrine or Thunder Bluff all day. One main reason I still play this game is because the World is awesome. I love running around old zones for the nostalgia sometimes. While I don't plan to get all the achievements in the game, I can at least set some goals to work toward. Since I boosted the Monk to 90 there are no reputations at exalted. I can pretty much start from scratch and have something to do for a very long time!

I have always wanted to do the Insane Grind, but never really got around to it. The Insane title has gotten nerfed over the years but I am still going to do it. I am going to couple it with the beloved title for one simple reason all those tabards! I enjoy tabards, while I don't always wear one I just like having them in my bank.

Yes, I have a tabard fetish.

I have a general plan that I will follow to obtain these achievements, but I think it needs to be fleshed out a bit more so I will make a separate post with the overview of my plan.

There are a few steps that I need to take before I can even start planning much more. First, I need to decide on what professions I will be leveling. I currently have every profession at max level, so I have a few options although each of them include having to double up. I don't find myself using each of the professions for much anyway. Originally, I planned to level up Engineering and Alchemy but I figured why not just go all out and get Blacksmithing. The price for some mats is very extreme on my realm so I will just grind out the ore myself. I am going to level herbs as well because, why not...Extra herbs laying around is always nice and I still need to cap my other alchemist - I like hitting multiple birds with minimal stones when I can! I am still working on my first aid also but that is a walk in the park with the new double points of heavy bandaid versions!

I will be streaming often so follow me on twitch and say hello!


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Suited and Booted, Almost. - Level 90 Boosts! - Thoughts on the Monk so far.

I have been streaming on Twitch quite often recently so stop by and say Hello!

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Alright, so far I have leveled one Monk to 83 and while I was running my way though Hyjal I noticed that you could get a boosted 90 with the expansion so I used my boost on another monk simply because I wanted it NOW and couldn't wait to run end game content - Namely Arena and PvP. I don't regret my decision at all because I know that Monk will be my main until I am finished playing the game. I also don't foresee that coming anytime soon so its really a win win because I will be playing in WoD.

While it might seem totally insane to some that I would boost when I already had a my original monk so close to 90, I don't feel that the leveling experience was wasted. I learned quite a few things while leveling most importantly, I knew that from leveling I would enjoy the class. I feel that 90 boosts are great in this regard. If someone has played the class they are boosting prior then they will know that they like it enough to boost it again. I really just wish they would give you some PvP gear even if it was simply dreadful stuff because all newly boosted toons running around in greens is a somewhat joke. Even if  you had to choose between pve and pvp gear when boosting. Heck, they give you epic flying for free so, why not. You would still need to get the other gear, its not like dreadful gear is even good anymore but it's pretty much on par with the greens they give you. Resilience is a very big stat in Battlegrounds and I have witnessed too many one shots in the last few days.

My gear is coming along, not as fast as I would have liked but you can only get so much. Horde queue times for BG's take so long that running random heroics as a tank has netted better honor. You can get about 250 Honor points per run with each run taking 15 minutes at the most usually. That includes roughly 2 full wipes where everyone has to run from the start. It's really fast, mind numbing...but fast. A few off set pieces are left before I am decked out, which I am excited about. Getting the Grievous items is a huge upgrade that is noticeable with each piece you obtain.

Thoughts on the Monk so far:

I enjoyed leveling the Monk. Overall I feel that even with the Cataclysm revamp of talent trees for every class the Monk leveling experience is on another level. They level very very fast even without the buff and your having so much fun the entire time that you forget your even leveling. Up until 80 or so then it just becomes a bit slower. You gain ablilites at a nice pace now on each class but monk just seems a bit more fine tuned. The leveling process feels natural in progression.

Brewmaster - Tanking:

I have been tanking heroic dungeons and I have been enjoying Brewmaster. Some folks don't enjoy the fact that WW and BrM play very similar but I relish this fact. I don't PvE often, and while I understand their concerns I can't say that I find the spec to be boring or unplayable due to being somewhat identical. I love the fact that you have shields that help the healers and stagger pressures you to pay attention. It plays out in a more fun way than a warrior, at least in my opinion. I am getting slightly tired of tanking though so I don't know if I will continue playing BrM in PvE. I understand that WW's lack any raid utility but that doesn't really bother me much since I won't see the content outside of LFR which is a joke anyway.


The reason I chose Monk. I love it. As everyone knows by now, I played Rogue for many years. Soild. It was my main. While I did enjoy other classes none got the attention that my Rogue did. I enjoyed ever single aspect of Rogue play even grinding mobs was fun. This enjoyment was rekindled in the monk. I used to tell myself that if I could find a class that made mindless killing of Mobs fun I would reroll, and up until I played a Monk that never happened. While I am new to the class I feel that the experience from playing Rogue transfers very nicely. My favorite aspects of the class are the fact that you don't need to blow cds to get a kill and the fact that you have great defensive capability. I really enjoy classes that offer offensive maneuvers as a defensive and vice versa. Overall, Windwalker is my main squeeze and I will be punching and kicking my way through everything in sight.


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Monk Leveling - Live Streaming - Episode 1

I am starting the Monk today and will be live streaming as much of it as I can. Stop by and say hi!

You can also follow me on twitter to see when I go live or just stop by on twitch. I will be uploading all the past broadcasts to youtube as well.

My twitch channel - www.twitch.tv/blacksludge
Twitter - @wtbskill

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Preparation - Heirloom Item upgrades, Gold and Bags - Leveling path and instancing criteria

Yes, those are heirlooms...but not for the right class. Altoholic saves the day again!

Trying to locate heirlooms is a daunting task at times! I remembered that I had Altoholic installed, what an amazing addition to your addon page! Once I located the heirlooms I needed to upgrade them to level 85, so I had to resend them out to different characters to use some left over Justice points. I now have a full set of gear that I can take to 85, PvP trinket included!

Every new character needs bags, the bigger the better in most cases. I for one, despise those little 6 slot bags. Netherweave bags will cut it for the most part but since I am rerolling my main, I just don't feel that they are going to do it. 3,599 for a Royal satchel. Yes, please...I'll take four. As for bank slots I got seven of the Frostweave variety for only 700 gold. It could be overboard but that is just how I roll.

As for gold, I am only sending 300: 100 for the bank slots, and saving the 200 for my just in case fund. I will be power leveling Alchemy and Engineering when I hit 90. Sure I could farm some of the mats while I level but usually I am leveling way too quickly that I can't be bothered to run around Silverpine looking for nodes. I hear that monks level at the speed of light so this would even work less in my favor. I plan on questing for the most part and queuing as DPS so looking for nodes is pretty much a waste of my time. The cloth drops will be used to level first aid. It is pretty much mandatory for a PvPer of any caliber, even if you can heal. Anything else will be sent to my bank toon for auctioning. I find gold is pretty easy to come by while leveling and usually have enough for Master flying and 10 or 15k left over. I try to get flying as soon as possible and usually don't have much trouble from just doing the normal quests.

My leveling path is pretty fleshed out since I have ran it quite a few times since the cataclysm. While I don't enjoy every zone I should be able to push through them with ease. I usually run most of the old school instances whenever I feel like it up until Burning Crusade content. Through BC zones I run one Instance per level just for the quests inside. In Wrath zones I run one instance per two levels because you get very little experince without the quests from both inside and out in the world. Through the Cataclysm zones I continue to run one per two levels. Once I get to 85 I run the first two when I can queue for them then quest to 87 and a half or so before running the others.

I don't really plan on taking my time leveling this time around because I really want to get him capped! WTB that Legendary Cloak on him...The journey awaits!